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Generation Challenges 2011

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In order to continue to provide a common forum for the expanding range of shared-task activities involving language generation, we are organising Generation Challenges 2011 (GenChal'11).

Shared Tasks

There are currently four active challenges under the GenChal'11 umbrella (except where stated otherwise, challenges are running an evaluation round in 2011, with results to be presented at the GenChal session at ENLG'11):

  1. Surface Realisation (White, van Genabith, Hogan, Stent and Belz): Generation of sentences from shallow and deep input representations. Call for Pre-registration has been posted.
  2. The GIVE-2.5 Challenge (Koller et al.): Generation of natural-language instructions to aid human task-solving in a virtual environment. The GIVE-2.5 task will be the same as the GIVE-2 task. The Call for Participation and the software infrastructure have been posted (see so that development can begin immediately.
  3. Helping Our Own (Dale and Kilgariff): Text correction, in particular of academic articles written by non-native speakers. See HOO website for Call for Participation and further details.
  4. Question Generation (Rus, Graesser, Piwek et al.): next evaluation round in 2012; status report to be presented at GenChal'11.

In addition, we will post a call for task proposals which will be presented for discussion at the GenChal'11 session at ENLG'11 (with a view to running them as tasks in 2012).

Generation Challenges Steering Committee

  • Anja Belz, NLTG, University of Brighton, UK
  • Robert Dale, Macquarie University, Australia
  • Albert Gatt, University of Malta and Unversity of Aberdeen, UK
  • Kevin Knight, Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California, USA
  • Alexander Koller, Saarland University, Germany
  • Chris Mellish, Aberdeen University, UK
  • Johanna Moore, Edinburgh University, UK
  • Amanda Stent, Stony Brook University, USA
  • Kristina Striegnitz, Union College, USA


  • Anja Belz, NLTG, University of Brighton, UK
  • Albert Gatt, University of Malta and University of Aberdeen, UK
  • Alexander Koller, Computational Linguistics and Phonetics, Saarland University, Germany
  • Kristina Striegnitz, Union College, USA

GenChal'11 homepage:
GenChal'11 email:


15 Apr 2011
SR Task: HOO Task launched.

11 Mar 2011
SR Task: Call for Pre-Registration and Sample Data Release.

08 Feb 2011
EPSRC to fund SR Task and GenChal'11.

03 Feb 2011
GenChal'11 Announcement and Call for Future Task Proposals posted.

03 Feb 2011
Website viewing problem (Internet Explorer only) fixed.

18 Oct 2010
SR Task: Announcement and call for expressions of interest.

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